Revolutionary Design. The Ultimate Headlamp perfect for any outdoor activities.

  • 8 modes- Including Motion Sensor and Super Bright

  • Lightweight, Adjustable, and Rechargeable 

  • Good for camping, hiking, working outside at night and other outdoor activities

  • Waterproof , snow proof, and shock proof
  • Brightest LED on the market at 500 Lumens

Rechargeable Headlamp

   "..It is like I am outside with the lights on! Amazing how bright it is and how long it lasts. I will never use another headlamp.."

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Rechargeable Headlamp - Weston Store
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Our Rechargeable Headlamp is recommended by over 3,000+ clients!

Why Weston Rechargeable Headlamp?

This allows you to see more of your surroundings with less effort, and eliminates the need to constantly move your head to the sides. Almost like turning the light switch on, even when you’re outside!

Rechargeable Headlamp:

  • Adjustable head strap and Fully Adjustable Lamp

  • Highest Quality Material

  • Recommended by over 3,000 customers

  • Will last forever and is backed by a lifetime warranty

  • 8 Lighting modes function
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Why Choose our Rechargeable Headlamp?

Rechargeable Headlamp

  • Strong built-in function

  • 2 Hour quick charge for long lasting use

  • Highest quality material

  • Long press function and motion sensor activated

  • Free warranty

Other brands

  • Poor quality

  • Not safe for dogs

  • Falls apart quick

  • Limited function

  • No warranty

Want to see better at night with comfort and ease? 

1 Rechargeable Headlamp


Now Only

  • Free 3-5 day Shipping from US

  • Ready to go when you need it

  • Free Warranty

100+ Reviews


    3 Rechargeable Headlamps



  • Free 3-5 day Shipping from US

  • Ready to go when you need it

  • Free warranty
  • Best Deal

100+ Reviews

 2 Rechargeable Headlamps


Now Only

  • Free 3-5 day Shipping from US

  • Ready to go when you need it

  • Free warranty

100+ Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it connect to a hard hat?

Yes, you can adjust the length and tightness of the strip to your head or hard hat.

   How long does it take to ship? Where are you located?

Shipping takes 3-7 business days. We are located in Orlando, FL.

Can the headlights be charged? 

Yes, this is a rechargeable headlamp, which saves you the trouble of buying a battery

   Can I get this in stores?

No. This is not sold in stores.

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100+ Reviews

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Rechargeable Headlamp

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100+ Reviews

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