"I have raynaud's and these help! These heated slippers are  warm, cozy, and cute!

- Heather Weston Heated Slippers Customer

"They are really cute and made me giggle. Makes my foot warm and comfy" 

- Margaux Weston Heated Slippers Customer


  • $79.95

  • 5v safety voltage 100% safe

  • Double-sided plush fabric (heat preservation)

  • Rechargeable by USB

  • Fits US size 5-10 Men & Women


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Just plug Animal Heated Slippers in and your toes will be toasty and warm in no time!

Why Animal Heated Slippers?

Unlike other feet warmers, you can easily walk in these foot warmers without having to stay in one spot! The foot warmers insulates the feet and ankle from the cold.

Animal Heated Slippers:

  • Made of double-sided plush fabric.

  • Warm and full of cotton, which is thick and soft.

  • Can relieve foot pain and muscle stress

  • Great gift for a loved one (For Men or Women!)

  • Detachable USB for more convenience.

  • Fits US shoe size 5-10 (men and women!)*

  • Perfect for cold weather and home relaxation

heated slippers

Why Choose Heated Animal Slippers??

Heated Animal Slippers

  • The 5v safety voltage will not cause harm to the human body and can be used with confidence.

  • Heating pad in the middle can be removed and you can clean it.

  • Washable and easy to use

  • Smooth and soft fabric

Other brands

  • Poor quality

  • Uncomfortable

  • Does not stay warm

  • Lack of mobility

Get yourself a pair of these awesome Animal Heated Slippers! 

1 Animal Heated Slipper

warming slippers

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  • 150cm USB Cable

  • Soft and smooth fabric

100+ Reviews


     3 Animal Heated Slippers

electric heated slippers


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  • 150cm USB Cable

  • Soft and smooth fabric
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100+ Reviews

   2 Animal Heated Slippers

animal heated slippers

Now Only

  • Free Shipping 

  • 150cm USB Cable

  • Soft and smooth fabric

100+ Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum voltage?

5v is the safe voltage of these slippers

Does it includes a USB cable?


Are these for both Men and Women?

Yes! Our socks are Unisex

Can I get this in stores?

No. This is not sold in stores.

 What size are they?

Our socks are one size. *They typically fit size 5-10 men and women. 

How to charge the slippers?

You can charge with any USB power plugs.

Does the heating element go up into the ankle area or just on the sole of the feet?

Just the sole of the foot 

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100+ Reviews

Animal Heated Slippers

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100+ Reviews