"I was looking for a new full zip fleece for winter and a friend was wearing this product and recommended it. Game changer, not only is it a super thick long sleeve fleece the heating works fantastic for on mountain, at work and everywhere else! " - Gillian , Weston Store Customer

"This thing is pretty awesome though. The device is amazing, got it for my teens. I wish this was around when I was their age!" Amelia , Weston Store Customer


  • $34.95$69.95

  • Guaranteed to relieve menstrual pain

  • Made of high-quality materials!
  • Reduces bloating
  • Painless and Non-toxic
  • Unnoticeable under clothing

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       30 Day Warranty 

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 A drug-free period pain solution that actually works! Trusted by over 3000+ customers!

Why Weston Cramp Relief™ Device?

Our Cramp Relief™ Device instantly reduces period pain. The combination of heat and massage therapy relieves cramping, relaxes your muscles, and reduces bloating. Thanks to its sleek and comforting design, you can wear your pad all day, even hidden under clothing!

Weston Weight Cramp Relief™ Device :

  • The relief pad is pain-free!

  • Safe and comfortable

  • Compact and Easy to use
  • Great gift for your love ones!

  • 3 Temperature levels
  • No harmful side-effects!
  • Suitable for relieving menstrual pain and back or abdominal pain

heated jacket

Why Choose Weston Cramp Relief™ Device?

Cramp Relief™ Device

  • Relaxing massage that hits all the right spots
  • Built with a rechargeable battery
  • Comfortable and Relaxing

  • Made of high quality materials

Other brands

  • Easy to break off
  • Low quality materials
  • Small battery capacity
  • Not safe

Adjust it to fit and enjoy instant relief!

1 Cramp Relief™ Device

heated fleece jacket

Now Only

  • Free Shipping 

  • 3 Speed Temperature Control
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery

100+ Reviews

100+ Reviews

100+ Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many heat level can I change?

3 Temperature Setting

Is this product convenient to use outside of your home?
Yes, you can actually use it anytime and anywhere!

Will it automatically turn off?


   Can I get this in stores?

No. This is not sold in stores.

What is the capacity of the battery?


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Cramp Relief™ Device

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