"I was looking for a new full zip fleece for winter and a friend was wearing this product and recommended it. Game changer, not only is it a super thick long sleeve fleece the heating works fantastic for on mountain, at work and everywhere else! " - Gillian , Weston Store Customer

"I used this product on a couple long distance trips. I am surprised how sturdy it is! It has really good bearings, so it rolls really nicely!"  - Megan , Weston Store Customer


  • $299.95$379.95

  • Made of high quality material!

  • Can bear 300kg weight
  • Very easy to operate!
  • Fashionable and eye-catching

  • Waterproof and wear resistant

 Easy Returns

       30 Day Warranty 

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Why Weston Scooter Suitcase Luggage 21"?

This is a suitcase with integral kickboard, designed to help highflyers move quickly and effortlessly through airports. It folds up into conventional wheeled luggage and the handlebar retracts for carrying or placing into standard size overhead airplane luggage compartments.

Scooter Suitcase Luggage 21":

  • Brake pads are safe and wear-resistant

  • Simple and easy to control

  • Multifunctional suitcase

  • Great gift for a loved one

  • Anti-slip effect and comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic design

  • Stable and durable

heated jacket

Why Choose Weston Scooter Suitcase Luggage 21"?

Scooter Suitcase Luggage 21"

  • Waterproof
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to use

  • Made of high quality materials

Other brands

  • Low quality

  • Weight restriction
  • Easy to break off
  • Not safe

Step on the suitcase, and you can slide easily! 

1 Scooter Suitcase Luggage 21"

heated fleece jacket

Now Only

  • Free Shipping 

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Convenient storage

100+ Reviews

100+ Reviews

100+ Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest this thing can go?

As fast as your leg will push it.

Is there a foot break?


Maximum weight capacity?

Up to 300kg

   Can I get this in stores?

No. This is not sold in stores.

What is this made of?

Made of high quality aluminum structure

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Scooter Suitcase Luggage 21"

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100+ Reviews