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How warm do your items get?

The temperature of our items vary, but some of our items can warm up to 150° F. You can adjust the temperate to low, medium or high to your liking. Our customers describe it has being wrapped up in a cozy fireplace. 

How long is the shipping time?

 We know you want your items, so we ship quickly. Our items do ship from US warehouses. Please visit our shipping policy page here for more information.  You canemail for specific shipping times.

 How long does the battery last?

We recently upgraded our batteries to our premium certified rechargeable batteries. Depending on the temperature, some of our batteries can last 8-10 hours. We do suggest always having a spare battery on hand.

What if I change my mind or do not like the item?

We are confident that you will love our items, but understand if you change your mind! We have a 30 day return policy. Please see our return policy for details. 

 I placed an order but I can't find a confirmation email... What is going on?

Please make sure your email is correct when you place an order. Kindly check your SPAM folder to see if your confirmation email was sent there. If there is still no confirmation email, please email our support team at


 Is there a tax or customs fee?

It is very rare that our customers have to pay for an import tax or customs fee but being that we ship worldwide we are not responsible for any fees that your country imposes on importing packages. Please check with your local customs to see if there will be any fees if you are unsure. 

 How do I return or exchange an item? 

Please see our return policy here

We're confident our premium curated products selection will meet or exceed your expectations but if you want to make a return - please contact our support team at and we will respond within 24 hours to assist with the process. 

What types of Payment do you accept? - All Standard Payments.

We accept all Payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Credit Cards, paypal

Where do you ship from?

 We have 2 warehouses. One in Jacksonville, FL and the other in Ontario, CA. 


 How do I get the battery to work?

All batteries must be charged fully before the first use (we recommend charging about 6 hours). Please turn the battery on and press the button 1-2 times to set it to high. High is 3 dots on our jackets and red on our gloves/socks. Please allow 1-2 minutes for the item to warm up.