Any items placed at www.WestonStore.com that were placed after September 1st 2023 include a free 1 year warranty. Orders placed before then have a 30 day warranty. The warranty covers products that are not working due to a faulty or non working product that was not caused by the purchaser. The warranty covers working parts that affect the primary function of the device including the battery. If you discover a defective within the warranty period, Weston Store will, at our discretion, replace the product free of charge.

Warranty Exclusions

Wear & tear of the garment including fabric and battery damage, damage to product due to misuse, alterations made by the customer, damage done by the customer or pets, not following washing instructions, loss of item, and water damage does not qualify for the warranty and the warranty will be voided.  Any items that rip or tear after your first use are not covered under the warranty. We also require photos of your item and/or videos showing proof of item being defective. 

How to Claim your warranty

Please contact us at support@westonstore.com with your original order number, first and last name, items, reason for replacement , and photos of your item within 30 days of receiving your item. You will be provided with replacement or store credit which will be decided by Weston Store. Weston Store is not responsible for shipping costs.  We may also require you to mail in the product. The warranty can only be used and claimed by the purchaser.