• Premium Heated Glove Technology

  • Includes Certified  7.4V Rechargeable Batteries

  • 3 Heat settings (High, Med, Low) with touch of a button

  • Water and snow resistiant

  • Wear as Glove Liners (under gloves) or Gloves on their own!

Heated glove liners

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Thin heated gloves

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Electric heated glove liners

Low, Medium, and High Setting

Battery heated gloves

Battery lasts all day

Hand warmers

Up to 110+ degrees of warmth

Heated gloves for women

Includes Rechargeable Batteries

Why Weston Heated Glove Liners?

Having your hands exposed to the cold is UNCOMFORTABLE. Imagine keeping your hands cozy and warm while working outside, building a snowman , fishing, skiing, snowboard , or just having fun!

Weston Heated Glove Liners

  • Warm your hands in less than 60 seconds

  • Made to withstand brutal , freezing winters

  • Thinner style to wear on their own or under gloves

  • Warmer and longer lasting battery

  • Perfect for cold weather, fishing, hunting, outdoor activities

Heated clothing and apparel

Why Choose Weston Heated Gloves?

Weston Heated Gloves

  • Upgraded premium heated technology

  • Heating level can be adjusted by pressing the power button
  • Comfortable and stylish

  • Upgraded long lasting batteries 

Other brands

  • Not good quality

  • Limited function

  • Does not stay warm

  • Short Battery Life

Answers To Some Questions You May Have

How long does the heat last for?

 You can order extra and have multiple charged batteries on hand! The battery lasts 6-8 hours on low, 3-5 hours on medium heat and 2-3 hours on high. Please fully charge your battery before using. 

Will these fit men and womens hands?

Yes, these gloves can typically fit both men and women. 

Can I get this in stores?

No, our products are only sold on our website. 

What is the difference between these and your other heated gloves?

These electric gloves are thinner and flexible than our other gloves as well as warmer. We have upgraded our battery and style with our glove liners. 

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